Helicab, a helicopter taxi now servicing Andorra from La Seu d’Urgell


Helicab taxi helicopter andorra

Traveling from Andorra comfortably and quickly to any point in Spain or France is now possible.

This helicopter transport service will be launched shortly from the Andorra-La Seu airport. As a Helicab client you will choose your destination and their flight managers will propose private helicopter flights to get you to your favorite location.

The best route will be selected at the lowest possible price in order to make your trip a unique experience while enjoying the landscapes from above and avoiding queues and traffic.

From La Seu airport, the fleet of helicopters, managed by the Helipistas group, and flight professionals and pilots with extensive experience in the sector, can transport you safely, privately and comfortably to the destination of your choice.

The use of the Aena airport network and a large number of airfields and heliports throughout the territory, provides a wide coverage of departure or arrival ports.

The fleet of 10 light helicopters, each one assigned to the functions for which it’s most suitable include the Eurocopter EC120, specially prepared for the transport of passengers. This elegant helicopter is designed with a wide cabin which allows for great external visibility during the flight. The Eurocopter EC120 is the most comfortable and fastest vehicle with the lowest noise level on the market, making the trip much more comfortable.

Other models with which Helicab operates are the Robinson R22 and the Robinson R44, characterized by having a low cost of flight and high maneuverability, which makes them ideal for professional aerial photography anywhere.

These helicopters are capable of flying without doors so no reflection from the glass can distort or affect the quality of the images. With them, aerial photography is usually carried out for all kinds of events, such as sports, editorials, land prospecting and infrastructure control.

There is also the Cabri G2 model, ia light two-seater helicopter with a three-blade main rotor.

Due to the characteristics of these helicopters, landings can be managed in many different spaces which cannot be reached by plane: restaurants, hotels, private homes, rural farms, golf clubs, hunting fields, etc. Some of this fleet can fly over the sea and reach the islands, where they can land without any problem. These devices, all duly approved and authorized, are available for 3 (Robinson 44) or 4 passengers (Eurocopter EC120).

As a complementary service, Helicab can also manage the reservation of a rental vehicle or a private transport at the landing point, so that you can have the mobility you need.

Helicab is at your disposal for any additional activity you may need. Upon request they can provide a budget without commitment, which will allow you to evaluate your helicopter trip from or to Andorra.

More details can be found at Enjoy your flight!


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