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Who is AUGÉ GRUP ?

Augé Grup has extensive experience in advising international clients. The group consists of 3 companies that offer the widest service for clients, whether they are in the country, or for those who wish to invest or reside in Andorra.

Augé Holding Grup is made up of three subsidiaries that provide integral services with regard to the implementation of businesses and individuals in the Principality of Andorra, as well as in the daily accompaniment of them in order to be exceptional interlocutors in the country.


Our subsidiary Augé Legal & Fiscal is totally multidisciplinary, having consolidated as a leading company in Andorra in the constitution of companies, immigration and residency procedures, fiscal and mercantile services, as well as assistance in procedural litigation or registration and protection of intellectual property rights.

Augé Accountants is composed of a team of economists and accountants who assist companies in the territory to meet their formal obligations for tax and accounting purposes.

Augé Real Estate has a wide portfolio of properties and collaborations with the rest of real estate in the country to provide our customers with units of purchase or rental that can better adapt to their needs. Thus, Augé Grup offers a 360 degree service to the client in order to be able to assist him in all the exposed matters.


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