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Tax advantages of Andorra

Advantages of Taxation in Andorra Andorra offers much lower taxes than its neighboring countries Spain and France, and some of the lowest in the world.

  • Tax on Products and Services :

In contrast to France and Spain, where the VAT is 20% or 21% respectively, in Andorra it is only 4.5% of the general VAT (called IGI). In health, education, rent, food and culture it is reduced to a 3.5%. Being therefore one of the countries with the lowest percentage of all Europe.

  • Corporation Tax :

In relation to corporate tax, its maximum is 10%, since the legislation provides. That is why it is an ideal country for SMEs and multinationals, making it one of the lowest in Europe.

  • Taxes on the Income of the Physical Persons :

The PIT in Andorra does not apply to wages below € 24,000 per year .From this amount, it is in accordance with the income. Its maximum is 10%, which is applied to salaries starting at € 40,000. In Spain, however, it reaches the 53% in the higher salaries.

Tax exemptionsin Andorra

The taxation in Andorra also offers a number of benefits in the form of exemptions for both employers and businesses:

  • Exemption on the first € 3,000 from returns on capital gains.
  • Total of the dividends  issued by the Andorran company, and received by an also Andorran resident.
  • The 100% of the first € 24,000 are exempt from personal income tax, and the 50% of the next € 16,000

This makes the Principality a very attractive option to create or move all types of businesses there, either as a company or as a freelancer, including holdingse-commerce companies, or real estate investments.

Frequently asked questions about taxation in Andorra

In Andorra, called IGI, the general tax is 4.5%. The one that affects culture, health, rents, education and food is reduced to 3.5%.

Its maximum applied is up to 10%, but depending on the type of economic activity, the corporate tax can be reduced to 2%.

This tax does not apply to those who have an income below € 24,000 per year. From that amount a percentage is applied depending on the income, never being more than 10%.

  • The first 3,000 euros obtained from the return on real estate capital.
  • Dividends received by an Andorran resident from an also Andorran society.


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