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International companies of INTANGIBLE ASSETS

The companies of international management of intangible assets are companies that work in the granting of rights and licenses for some activities related to design, marketing, know-how or science, among others.

Andorra is a very popular country in recent years and very attractive for the establishment of companies, both for the level of life quality it offers and for its corporate taxes. This last aspect is advantageous especially for companies that are dedicated to the international management of intangible assets.

TYPES of intangible assets

Intangible companies in Andorra

Intangible assets are one of the most important in the company, as they influence processes, especially economic ones. This type of assets are goods that belong to a company but can not be physically materialized. As for example, the value of the brand, the knowledge of a company, the logos and graphic designs, patents, among others. In order to be able to enter into what is covered by international management companies of intangible assets, they must generate some economic benefit.

Other examples of intangible assets that have great importance within a company are human capital, the portfolio of clients, and know-how or intellectual knowledge. These, in general, lend a great contribution to the development and performance of the activities of the company and its employees or collaborators.

BENEFITS of managing internationally intangible assets in Andorra

Types of companies for Intangible Assets

The companies of international management of intangible assets are organizations in charge of granting concession or assign rights, licenses and patents for the graphic and intellectual property of a company. Since these companies are Andorran but work with intangible assets abroad, and comply with the tax requirements of this country, they have some tax advantages. As in some cases, enjoy up to 80% reduction of the tax base of corporation tax, and pay only 2% on the benefits they obtain.

So that the companies of international management of intangible assets can opt for this profitable Andorran taxation, they must reside in the country, and have an office for the development of their activities of at least 20 m2, and have at least one employee. The company or person receiving the benefits of these types of companies must reside in another country and not use them within Andorran territory.

International management companies of intangible assets management in Andorra must also work in some of these fields:

  • Concessions or licenses of copyright for artistic, literary or scientific purposes.
  • Assignment or licenses on graphic creations or industrial designs, among others.
  • Granting rights of use of intellectual and industrial property.

If you are interested in managing intangible assets in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact Andorra Advisors so that we can advise you on how to start.


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Frequent questions

Your job is to grant rights or licenses. For an element to be considered as an intangible asset, it must generate economic benefit for the company.
  • In some cases, the BI of corporate tax may be reduced up to 80%.
  • Pay only 2% of the benefits generated by your economic activity.
  • They must have an office for the development of their activity within the territory of Andorra of a minimum of 20m2.
  • Have at least one employee.
  • The person or company that receives the benefits cannot reside in Andorra, nor use them in the principality.
Only those companies dedicated to concessions or licenses of:
  • Copyright.
  • Graphic creations or industrial designs.
  • Rights of use of industrial or intellectual property.
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