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Apply for work and residence permit in Andorra

Working permit residence in Andorra Any foreign person may apply for a work permit if they fulfill one of these requirements:

The directors and managers of their own company will obtain the residence immediately, after having constituted it and having activated it. This company must have a service or commercial activity, or another type of activity, and have at least 10% of the shares.

Self-employment residency is an option for people who want to work in Andorra as freelance workers, and spend at least 183 days in Andorra without counting holidays and business trips, not having the need to make a security deposit in the government of Andorra.

Social security in Andorra will be carried out as self-employed, which has a health insurance coverage and pension valid in Andorra.

Requirements to obtain residence in Andorra on their own

If we speak exclusively of self-employed workers in Andorra, these are the conditions that must be met in order to obtain a residence permit in the Principality:

  • Be an administrator of a company.
  • Participation of more than 10% in a company or establishment.
  • Reside permanently in Andorra more than 183 days, being able to be interrupted by business trips and holidays.
  • Be registered in the social security of Andorra and contribute about 430 euros per month, being entitled to the health system of Andorra, French and Spanish.

TYPES of residence permits in Andorra

For all the permits that we want to request we must have the company established in the territory of Andorra or that there is a labor link with an Andorran company. We can find two large groups of permits, depending on the residence time we want to apply for:

  • Work and permanent residence permits: The first authorization granted by the Andorran government is for a period of one year, renewable 3 times every two years. Once these deadlines have been met, the renewals will be carried out in 10-year terms.
  • Work and temporary residence: The period of authorization must be specified in advance. These types of permits will be divided into two subgroups:
    • Work temporarily and reside in Andorra.
    • Work temporarily and reside in the border area (outside the territory of Andorra)

Frequently asked questions about residence and work permits

  • People who own more than 10% of an already existing company
  • Founders of a company, or whom have the position of delegate or board member
  • Being a company administrator
  • Participation greater than 10% in a company
  • Reside more than 183 days in Andorra
  • Sign up for Social Security
  • Payment of the monthly autonomous fee of € 430


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