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Investing in Andorra is one of the best options for entrepreneurs in that country and also for foreign entrepreneurs, since this principality has incredible advantages. On the one hand, financial and fiscal advantages that are optimal for investors looking for new opportunities to develop their business.

And on the other hand, social advantages that make Andorra one of the states with the best quality of life in Europe, which is why entrepreneurs do not only want to do business, but also live in Andorra.

Investment in Andorra for FOREIGN COMPANIES

Invest in Andorra

Andorra has become the favorite destination for foreign entrepreneurs to establish their business. This country, for some years, has been dedicated to the study and development of legal reforms, tax and international agreements to become a regime open to foreign investment. Thus, foreigners wishing to invest in Andorra may set up companies, establish businesses and acquire any type of asset.

In order for a foreigner to set up a company, he must process an authorization for the type of investment he wishes to make. When the investor has reserved the company name or social name that he wishes to use, he can obtain the authorization of foreign investment. In this case, the competent ministry must ensure that this foreign investment society does not disadvantage free competition or the labor market. If you comply with all the requirements established by law, the authorization to invest in Andorra and to be able to establish a company must be issued within a period not exceeding one month.

Then, the investor can deposit the company’s share capital in any Andorran banking entity. The minimum capital to form a company in Andorra is € 250,000 and this must have at least one Andorran worker. Next step is to set up the company in a public notary. Finally, you must register the company or business in the Registre de Societats (Companies Registry).

Foreigners who wish to invest in Andorra and are not residents of this country, can acquire a property and also obtain administrative concessions on the use of real estate. This also, through the processing of an authorization for a foreign investment in real estate.

Other forms of investment are the contracts of participation accounts, communities of goods, cooperatives or foundations, among others, which also require authorization for other forms of investment.

Investment in Andorra for LOCAL COMPANIES

Invest in Andorra for foreigners

The resident of the Principality, to invest in Andorra or establish a company, only needs to reserve the registered name or company name. Then, deposit the share capital in any Andorran banking entity, set up the company and register it in a public notary and later in the Companies Registry. You must also have a suitable place to serve as commercial office, for example hiring a virtual office, unless the investor is a freelancer.

In general, investing in Andorra guarantees the employer confidentiality and professional secrecy guaranteed by Andorran law. In addition, the economic, legal and citizen security of Andorra is envied by the rest of the countries in Europe. And as the most attractive feature for investment in the country, there are the lowest tax rates in all Europe. For example, the tax or benefit of the companies is between 2% and a maximum of 10%, depending on the commercial activation. Personal income tax or income tax can vary between 5 and 10%, and VAT or value added tax (called IGI in Andorra) is only 4.5%.

In any case, if you decide to take the step of setting up or moving your company to Andorra, get in touch with us to receive the best legal services for companies in the Principality, and start your journey with peace of mind.


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Apart from its known financial and fiscal advantages for those who want to develop their business; Andorra also offers great social advantages that make this country one of the best qualified in the European Union.
  1. Establish a company, the minimum capital is € 250,000 and must have at least one Andorran worker.
  2. Acquire a property for a minimum value of € 450,000 with which you will obtain passive residence.
To invest, the Andorran only needs to establish a company. From there you will enjoy the same low tax valuations as the rest of the investors.
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