Rights and duties of members in Cooperatives of the Principality of Andorra


cooperatives principality

Mainly, it is convenient to say that cooperatives are associations, with legal personality, that are associated with natural or legal persons in order to satisfy a need or improve the social and economic situation of the members, with good management, democracy and variable capital. This purpose leads them to develop collective business activities, in which the partners make equal economic contributions and there is communal service; This improves human relationships and helps place collective interests above personal gain.

The Law considers lawful social or economic activities the object of the cooperative society, except those reserved by the Law.

It is important to mention that the responsibility of the associates for the social debts is limited to their contributions subscribed to the social capital, whether they have been paid or are pending payment. However, the associate who generates a cancellation in the cooperative must respond personally for social debts, prior exclusion from social credit, for three years on the basis of the loss of his or her membership status, due to the commitments acquired by the cooperative prior to its withdrawal. , up to the amount reimbursed of their contributions to the share capital. The bylaws can implement the method for quantification and the establishment of this responsibility.

Rights of the Andorran Cooperatives

The rights of cooperative members are:

  1. Participation in the creation of the corporate purpose of the cooperative.
  2. Determine the positions of the members of the company and be selected to fill these positions.
  3. Go to the general assemblies and participate in the agreements reached.
  4. Request information regarding what influences your economic and social interests according to what the statute establishes.
  5. Participate in the cooperative return according to the statute.
  6. Receive payment of your updated contribution in case of withdrawal, liquidation or transformation of the cooperative.
  7. Other rights resulting from legal and statutory regulations and agreements adopted by the bodies belonging to the cooperative.
  8. Request voluntary withdrawal.
  9. Receive the appropriate education according to the cooperative principles, or of the specific subjects in which the activity of the cooperative consists, as well as participate in the activities of the cooperative.

Obligations of the Andorran Cooperatives

Thus, the members of the cooperative have the obligation to:

  1. Participate in the activities that form the object of the cooperative and develop this activity according to the Law and the statute.
  2. Perform the economic obligations incumbent on them.
  3. Attend meetings of the bodies that are convened, except for general assemblies.
  4. Comply with the agreements adopted by the government.
  5. Not participate in activities that can compete with the cooperative’s social objective or collaborate with whoever does them, unless they are expressly authorized by the administrative body.
  6. Do not express matters and data of the cooperative that may be harmful to social interests.

Without prejudice to other responsibilities attributed to them, the members respond to the cooperative with their personal assets, present or future, for the breach or incorrect fulfillment of their social obligations.


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