Andorra 2029, one step away from making history


Candidature Andorra 2029

Looking to the future, Andorra is positioned as an epicenter of the passion for skiing, a legacy that dates back to 1924, when the first skis crossed its mountains. This small country, known for its hospitality and stunning snowy landscape, has hosted world-class ski events, culminating in its bid for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships. Over the years, Andorra has proven its ability to to organize events of this magnitude, from the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup to the World Cup Finals, receiving praise for its organization and the quality of its slopes.

A country project: Andorra 2029

Andorra’s candidacy for 2029 is not only a country project, but a vision shared by its citizens, institutions and companies; a meeting point in the heart of Andorra where fans can enjoy all sporting events in a welcoming atmosphere. This collective commitment reflects Andorra’s passion for skiing, and the world of sport, and its desire to share it with the world.

The recent Women’s Ski World Cup in Soldeu has reinforced Andorra’s position as a formidable contender, being the only resort to run its full program in February, despite cancellations at other venues. This success underlines Andorra’s ability to overcome adversity and organize world-class events, even under challenging weather conditions.

According to Chicago Sports Bar & Grill , the epicenter of sports in the capital, they tell us that Andorra 2029 promises not only to be a ski competition, but a celebration of the values ​​that the country upholds: passion, innovation, sustainability, inclusion, and excellence. With more than 750 athletes from more than 70 countries, the event seeks to be a showcase of Andorran hospitality and its impressive natural environment, offering an unforgettable experience for both competitors and visitors.

No room for excuses

The FIS , without excuses for not choosing Andorra, finds in the Principality a prepared candidate, with the unanimous support of its government and its people, and an infrastructure that promises to meet and exceed expectations. Andorra 2029 is more than a candidacy; It is a dream shared by an entire country, ready to welcome the world to its slopes and show that even small countries can host big dreams and global events.

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