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From car and health insurance to life, home, travel, ski and boat insurance, each type of insurance plays an essential role in protecting the different facets of your life in Andorra. In this article, we will explore in detail the most relevant types of insurance if you want to come and live in Andorra, how they work and how they contribute to ensuring the security and financial stability of Andorran residents.

Car insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in Andorra, as it is in most European countries. Without it, you can face stiff fines and even impoundment of the vehicle. There are several insurance companies in the country that offer a variety of car insurance policies, including third party, extended third party and comprehensive coverage. Premiums vary depending on a number of factors such as the driver’s age, driving history, and the type and age of the vehicle. Some insurers also offer discounts to good drivers and those who own low emission cars.

Health insurance

Health care in Andorra is a priority and as such the country has established a highly effective health system, one of the most prominent in Europe. The entity in charge of managing the social security system in Andorra is the Caja Andorrana de Seguridad Social, or CASS.

The CASS provides residents with a health system based on co-payment. This model implies that the costs of health services are shared between the CASS and the user. Although CASS provides a high degree of coverage, users still have to bear a portion of the costs. Depending on the service and if it is provided inside

Health insurance

or outside the country, the CASS can cover up to 90% of the costs, while the user assumes the rest.

Despite the fact that this public health system covers a wide variety of services, from preventive care to advanced medical treatments, many residents choose to take out private health insurance to complement the CASS coverage. These private insurances offer additional benefits, such as access to private medical and hospital services, personalized attention, shorter waiting times, and coverage for medical care abroad. In addition, this type of insurance will cover the costs that are not covered by the CASS.

In summary, health care in Andorra is based on a co-payment model through the CASS, complemented by the option of private health insurance. This combination provides residents with broad coverage and options to customize care to their individual needs and preferences.

Life insurances

Life insurance in Andorra is another vital component of financial protection. Users can choose from several policies, including term life, whole life, and universal life. These policies can help protect families against loss of income in the event of an early death, and can also provide a source of savings for retirement or long-term financial goals. Although life insurance is not required, it is highly recommended, especially for those with financial dependents.

Other Insurance

Andorra offers a variety of other insurances that reflect the diversity of activities and lifestyles in the country. Below we will explore some of these categories of insurance.

  • Home Insurance: In Andorra, home insurance is common and available to protect properties from a variety of risks. Policies can cover anything from structural damage caused by fire or natural disasters to loss of personal property due to theft.
  • Travel Insurance: Andorra travel insurance provides coverage for a variety of unforeseen situations that may occur while traveling outside the country. These can include everything from trip cancellations and lost luggage to medical emergencies abroad.
  • Ski Insurance: Due to the popularity of skiing in Andorra, ski insurance is in high demand. These insurances offer coverage for situations such as injuries and accidents on the slopes, as well as the loss or theft of ski equipment.
  • Boat Insurance: For boat owners, boat insurance offers protection against damage to the boat and also covers civil liability for any damage or injury that the boat may cause.
  • Death Insurance: Finally, death insurance is another option available in Andorra. These insurances help cover the costs associated with funerals and last-minute expenses, providing financial relief to families during a difficult time.

These different categories of insurance demonstrate the diversity of coverage available. Depending on your individual needs, you can find a wide range of insurance in Andorra to suit your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Frequently asked questions about taking out insurance in Andorra

Yes, it is mandatory to have at least one civil liability insurance for all vehicles in Andorra. This insurance covers the damages that you can cause to third parties with your car. However, you can also opt for more extensive coverage that includes own damage, theft, fire, roadside assistance, among others.

All residents in Andorra are covered by the public health system, CASS (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social), which covers between 75% and 100% of medical costs, depending on the treatment. In addition, there is the option of contracting private health insurance, which offers additional coverage such as the free choice of doctor and hospital, treatments abroad, preventive medicine, among others.

Life insurance in Andorra can include a variety of coverage, such as the payment of capital in the event of death, an income in the event of disability, coverage for serious illnesses, among others. In addition, they can have a savings or investment component, which allows capital to be accumulated over time.

In Andorra, in addition to car, health and life insurance, you can take out specialized insurance such as boat, ski, home, death and travel insurance, which offer specific coverage for each type of risk.


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