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Support and legal advice for companies

When you start a project to create a company, you need the advice of professionals in the sector. It is necessary a large amount of pre-business paperwork, and subsequent procedures for its proper functioning, always based on legality and transparency.

This is the reason why all these procedures must be advised and processed efficiently by a consultancy such as Andorra-Advisors, specialized in all the issues related to the creation and maintenance of a company in Andorra.

Types of legal actions of andorra-advisors

Legal services and lawyers in Andorra

Administrative Law: We have a group of professionals in public procurement, licenses and authorizations. Available technicians to offer the processing services to the public Administrations, and to give advicing service on administrative resources, like the residence in Andorra.

Civil Law: Advice and management of issues of civil liability, contracting, succession rights, and creation of foundations and associations.

Commercial Law: Advice on expansion operations, capital reduction and its constitution, mergers, dissolutions, acquisitions and legal review in banking and government matters. Creation of national and international associations, partnerships, assistance to the board of directors, internationalization, bankruptcy law, succession of family businesses, and legal advice to company staff like directors, shareholders, advisers and administrators.

Criminal and financial tax law: Tax management, accounting and tax control, and administration with banks, optimizing payments by accessing bonuses and exemptions if any.

Real estate law: We manage for companies the urban contracts, the financing of real estate projects, the responsibility, leases, community owners, urban audits, authorizations and licenses; always within the law.

Frequently asked questions about legal services for companies

Of course. The advice of lawyers specialized in the creation of companies is necessary to carry out the previous and maintenance procedures of the company within the law.

Services related to advice which Andorra Advisors offers:

  • Administrative law: obtaining permits, licenses and authorizations from public administration.
  • Commercial law: Advice on issues related to the internal functioning of companies.
  • Tax law: tax management and accounting services.

Services related to civil law and real estate advice (communities, public contracts, leases, …)


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