Actua Innovación reaches agreements with Skolkovo Invovencion Center to work together in the Startup Village 2019


Actua Innovation Startup

The international fair Startup Village 2019, held in Skolkovo Moscow, has become an environment that every year becomes more lively and where it brings together entrepreneurs and investors from more than 80 countries of the world, and where Actua Innovation is making meetings with Skolkovo Invovencion Center so that both entrepreneurs from Andorra and Russia, respectively, can work together.

This Thursday, taking advantage of the Russian invitation to the StartUp Village 2019, Marc Pons, the director of the Andorran entity, held a meeting with his counterpart at the Skolkovo Center, Pekka Antero, to progress in this alliance and examine new ways of collaboration.

Meeting points

Among the points of the meeting, Pons said that “a few months ago we started working in cooperation with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which should allow Russian start-ups to develop the ecosystem in Andorra, and also allow access of these companies in Andorra so that they can get closer to an environment as advanced in knowledge and technology as Russia is “.

For those who are not so related to the term ‘start-ups’, they are basically start-ups that market products or services through the intensive use of information and communication technologies, with a scalable business model which it allows a fast and sustained growth in time.

Andorran start-ups

On the other hand, the vice president of Skolkovo Center, Alexander Chernov, recalled “when we visited the Innovation Space of Andorra a few years ago, I had the opportunity to know how two well-known Andorran start-ups worked, and I could see what their vision was to a future. With the size of Andorra, the consequence is seen immediately. Either it is a total failure or it is a great success. In both cases it is a result, and that is very important because it allows us to save time. “

Chernov stressed that “for this reason we have invited a representation from Andorra, we want to interact with its professionals. You can make important associations with the 30,000 start-ups that work in Russia and the 2,000 technology companies in Skolkovo. And in Andorra we can reduce the deadlines between idea and execution, because if a decision is made in that country, in less than two, three or six months maximum, the results will stand out “.

The director of Actua Innovation, Marc Pons, also exhibited, in the box of the conference event of the Startup Village 2019, some of the last projects carried out in Andorra. For example, the Data Hub Andorra, which is a platform designed to store, cross, connect and process data from multiple sources of information, with the aim of unifying and centralizing the data generated by different providers.

He has also participated in a round table with the innovation leaders of Luxembourg, Singapore, Shenzhen and Moscow, with whom he has subsequently held business meetings with the aim of entering into new agreements and applying to Andorra as an international destination for technology and innovation for new companies..

The Actua stand

The stand of Actua Innovation was together with 4500 start-ups from more than 80 different countries, where great business opportunities have been presented for Andorra.

For the Startup Village 2019, according to the organization’s statistics, more than 15,000 visitors have passed, speakers from 4,500 start-ups from 80 countries and 1,000 investors and company executives. These data reveal the commercial potential of this event, and the participation of Andorra in this program will bring great benefits in the development of the country.


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