Andorra la Vella, is proclaimed the safest city in the world to visit


Andorra la Vella is proclaimed the safest city in the world to visit

Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra, the highest in Europe with an average altitude of 1,050 meters. It is located in the mountains of the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. It is well known as a shopping center, and Andorra la Vella is the safest city in the world when it comes to making a tourist trip.

With a security index of 88.6%, according to the data of the SafeAround mobile application. It is basically an app that allows you to travel in the safest way, since it has data from the most dangerous urban areas in the main cities of the world and which are the safest and fastest routes to travel.

This application allows to receive several hazard alerts and provides the emergency numbers of more than 80 cities in the world.

To build statistics on security in cities and countries, this platform takes into account the public data of official government entities of each nation and adds others related to traffic accidents, robberies, robberies and even natural disasters.

SafeAround takes into account several aspects when cataloging the capital of the Principality as the safest city in the world. Regarding the risk of thieves, to give an example, it is considered to be almost null and only take some easy precautions will reduce the chances of being stolen. In reference to the risks of kidnappings and robberies, it is also observed that the probability is minimal.

Another issue that is located with notoriety is virtually no scammers in Andorra la Vella. Tricks of the “gold ring” or false requests, and people who offer help with their luggage, are completely unknown in this region. Transportation is another segment that is taken into account, and although some occasional natural risks, such as avalanches in winter, are reflected, the score is low in terms of danger.

The probability of terrorism is similarly low or zero, since Andorra has not been involved in terrorist attacks. Jointly, SafeAround indicates that the capital is very safe, especially for the women who visit it. Precisely, security is one of the strongest points on which President Pedro Augé has to build the Andorra Brand.

Behind Andorra la Vella, among the cities with the highest safety index are Zurich, Switzerland, with 86%, and Niagara Falls, Canada, with 85.3%.

Speaking of the countries, the safest to visit with ease are Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand.


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