Andorra, invited at the Universal Exhibition in Dubai


Andorra participant in the universal exhibition of Dubai

In the last quarter of this year, an event of great global repercussion will take place in Dubai. This is the Universal Exposition in Dubai, where more than 190 countries will be present; including the Principality of Andorra. All confirmed. This event will start on October 20 and end on April 10, 2021.

The Principality of Andorra will be present at the Universal Exposition in Dubai, thanks to the invitation by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This event will have the presence of more than 25 million visitors.

This famous exhibition, which will be held this year in Dubai, is focused on business. Also in the different economic opportunities, sustainability and innovation of different countries. The theme of the exhibition is: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Opportunities for Andorra at the Universal Exhibition

Andorra’s participation in the Exhibition will be a great opportunity to publicize the Principality. The main objective of the Principality is to attract investment from other countries. This can be achieved by sharing Andorra’s investment and economic opportunities.

Two-story space for Andorra

During the time of the event, Andorra will have a two-story space for its exhibitions and exhibitions in general. Those exhibitions and shows will be on the first floor, which will be 220 m2.

On the second floor will be the meeting rooms and offices. That second space or pavilion will be smaller, 90 m2. The total space that Andorra will have during the Dubai Expo will be completely free.

This two-floor pavilion is offered by the event organizers. In addition, they will have all the comforts and services they may need, from cleaning the house to electricity, security and telecommunications service.

They will also have a model of their entire geography, fully interactive; among other elements and resources to demonstrate the potential that the Principality has and offers.

Organization of the Dubai World Expo

The organizers of the Universal Exhibition in Dubai will also be in charge of transporting everything that is needed for the event. In addition to food and accommodation. All this has a value of approximately 1.39 million euros.

However, the Andorran government has allocated the amount of 150,000 euros for other expenses, such as the salary of the staff who will attend the event on behalf of the Principality; or the total production of the material they will use and the content of the exhibition.

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