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Blockchain and bigdata conference andorra 2023

Next February, Andorra will become a vibrant center of debate and collaboration. This will host the largest meeting dedicated to exploring Blockchain and Big Data technology. From February 23-26, Summit Art & Innovation, the exhibition and festival will offer attendees talks, lectures and exhibitions. In addition to numerous opportunities to establish contacts with professionals in these sectors.

Experience the latest and greatest trends in luxury, technology, art, music and design at this forward-thinking event. From blockchain to NFTs, you don’t want to miss out on learning from specialized experts. And with a stunning location and access to unbeatable networking opportunities. Carolina Abril affirms that it will be an experience that no one will forget.

This event will have people from all over the world spend a few days participating in this revolutionary festival format. This exhibition hopes to attract many people with its carefully designed program. Which has the collaboration of different places throughout the picturesque landscape of Andorra.

In addition, it will focus on the intersection of technology and art. Therefore, it usually includes an exhibition of contemporary art. Participants can enjoy this activity and learn about how art and technology can work together. At the same time they know the ways in which innovation and change can be driven.

Do not miss the opportunity to live one of the largest meetings in the world between communities and technology companies. Come experience all that is offered at the Summit Art & Innovation.

high level participants

A large cast of professionals and top-level companies in the sector come together to revolutionize the world of technology. Among them are:

• Uri Sabat from Criptan.
• Laura from Metaverse.
• Pepe Folache from Bclever.

These experts have embarked on a unique undertaking: the creation of 3NGAGE. An innovative token dedicated exclusively to event attendees. Which acts both as a loyalty program and NFT that provides rewards for real use.

For the first time, 3NGAGE will be performing at this exclusive celebration. Which is reserved exclusively for attendees. Twinyards, founded by Alex Huertas, will also be present. This maintains the idealistic values shared among the attendees. Furthermore, it focuses on contemporary technologies such as Big Data and Blockchain.

Now all enthusiasts have the opportunity to be part of this game-changing initiative. Becoming promoters of their own activity experiences. Those interested in attending the event have until January to get their tickets. Be sure to get them soon, you don’t want to miss all the activities of this expo-festival.

This event is ideal for technology professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Those who are interested in learning more about Blockchain and Big Data. As well as the technologies that can be applied in your work or business. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and establish contacts in the world of technology.

With this impressive list of participants, the meeting is expected to be a highly sought after event. With a welcome of innovative ideas generated by opinion leaders in their respective fields. If you are involved in Blockchain or Big Data technology, this is definitely a unique opportunity.

Event schedule

Summit Innovation & Conference is the perfect destination for an audience looking to stay informed about cryptos. As well as the Blockchain and Big Data technology. Attendees will be able to participate in engaging conferences and round tables tailored to their interests. While discovering the latest in luxury lifestyles.

This expo-festival usually includes a series of conferences. As well as discussion panels and practical workshops. Participants can expect to acquire a wide range of knowledge about Blockchain and Big Data.

The Summit City of Andorra promises to be a true paradise for both lovers of commerce and music enthusiasts. Attracting buyers from all over the country, the activity center has gained the support of leading companies in the sector. In this way, it manages to create an exclusive experience with VIP events, live music and delicious cocktails.

To further entertain visitors during the winter, The Summit Underwater Music Fest will present a musical program. Which will be distributed throughout each day with areas decorated with different styles of music.

Summit City Andorra promises to become known as the expo-festival to go have fun and live unique experiences. It is an event that will provide not only knowledge, but memorable experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

In short, the Art & Innovation Summit is a must-see event for anyone interested in the future of technology. In addition to how Blockchain and Big Data can drive innovation and change in the world. If you are interested in attending this meeting, make sure you are aware of the dates. As well as registering on time to secure your place.

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