Andorra – Madrid flights are now a reality


Flights between madrid and andorra

The first direct flight from Andorra-Madrid will depart this December 17. Now making a direct trip to the capital of Spain is already a reality. You can do it from the Andorra-la Seu d’Urgell airport and land safely at Madrid Barajas. There will even be a special offer for this and the cost of the ticket will be 59 euros.

This was achieved once the endorsement of the General Intervention was received, and after having that of Transport and that of the Andorran Aeronautical Authority. In addition, it was agreed that the Government will award the concession of this new route to the airline Air Nostrum.

The authorities in charge of carrying this out showed their satisfaction with this new achievement. This is one more step for the Principality of Andorra to continue strengthening its efforts for better connectivity. For this, the Government approved a maximum contribution of 630,000 euros, which will make it possible to make two regular weekly flights. In this way, residents and visitors will be able to move from Andorra la Vella to Madrid without problems.

The Andorran principality is opening up to better strengthen its commercial activity and connectivity. Undoubtedly good news for all citizens who wish to have faster, easier and cheaper access to the neighboring country of Spain.

They expect to mobilize about 10,000 passengers

The authorities did not dare to say exactly the estimate of passengers that this new Andorra-Madrid route will bring. However, they affirmed that there is an internal business plan and it is expected that there will be about 200 flights a year. In addition, they expect around 10,000 passengers to be mobilized. On the other hand, it was known that the type of aircraft in charge of covering the route are the ATR 72-600 with 72 seats.

Similarly, it was notified that there will be two outbound flights and two return flights. These will be scheduled to take place on Friday and Sunday in the afternoon. The departure times would be the following:

  • Departure from Madrid: 2:30 p.m.
  • Departure from Andorra: 4:50 p.m.

However, this may vary depending on the activity that is recorded in the first weeks. Even if there is a higher demand, another flight is planned.

Air Nostrum is awarded the Andorra-Madrid route 

The company that will make this new route possible is the Iberia franchisee, for regional flights, Air Nostrum . Its president, Carlos Bertomeu, showed his joy at the award of this route. In addition, he undertook to make all the company’s experience available at the service of Andorra.

Similarly, the sale of tickets by this airline will be issued through the well-known OneWorld tool. This will allow users to get tickets from anywhere in the world. Arriving at its final destination thanks to the stopover in Madrid. According to the company, it is a strategic measure that will give the principality a boost.

On the other hand, Air Nostrum confirmed the inclusion of Andorra in the list of destinations this Christmas. In this way, this new Andorra-Madrid route will enter the special programming for those dates. In addition to the inaugural one on December 17, the company confirmed the following flights:

  • Sunday, December 19.
  • Thursday, December 23.
  • Sunday December 26th.
  • Thursday, December 30.
  • Sunday January 2nd.
  • Thursday 6th January.
  • Sunday, January 9.

As mentioned above, the flights from Madrid will leave at 14:30 and those from Andorra at 16:50.

Next target: Paris and Lisbon

This Andorra-Madrid connection will not be the only great news to be expected. After this award, the government is already working to create new air routes, but this time with Paris and Lisbon. The challenge will not end there since the objective is that Andorra can be connected with the rest of the important European cities. The authorities of the principality have always expressed that desire, which they see closer and closer.

Andorra is moving towards an era of development with the most important cities in Spain and other places on the continent. With these new routes it will be easier to visit incredible locations. 

Once Andorra’s air connection with Paris and Lisbon is a reality, we can hope that this will help boost the economic progress of the principality. There will be better access to major cities in Europe and other parts of the world. With this, it is natural for foreign companies to look at what Andorra can offer them. If you are interested in learning more about how your business could benefit from operating in such an advantageous location, contact us today. Wait no more since the Andorra-Madrid air connection is just the beginning.

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