Investment funds in Andorra


Invest in investment funds in Andorra

Investing in Andorra is not a dream, it is a reality, because many companies and individuals choose it for this purpose. In Andorra, taxes are considered moderate, which means an extra opportunity that investors are looking for. Among other great advantages it offers.

Andorra is a small, sovereign country, part of Europe; exactly located in southwestern Europe. Andorra is in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France; and is considered one of the countries with the best quality of life. This and more does the fate of investors. Therefore, it is a good place for investment funds.

What are investment funds?

When it comes to investment funds, it is simply a collective investment. That is, an investment made by several investors in different financial instruments at the same time. This of course reduces risk based on the investment fund chosen by the community.

There is no doubt that, funds are an alternative to diversify investments. In addition, investment funds are not very expensive. In many cases, with a minimum amount of capital, profitability can be obtained. This, based on the money invested.

Investment funds are contributions made by different people. These people are called: Background participants. Investment funds must be managed or managed by responsible and reliable entities. Therefore, Andorra is the perfect place to do it.

Types of investment funds

Within the investment funds we find a wide variety of options where capital can be invested. The funds have to be studied in depth to choose the one that best suits the needs and profile of the investor. The funds most requested by investors are those with a good level of security and stability, and do not pose a great risk to their investments.

  • Monetary: Line funds very conservative, with maximum availability of money invested.
  • Fixed Income Funds: Investments aimed at people who value the security and stability of their investments. Within this group we find subcategories differentiated by the following criteria:
    • Transmitter
    • Expiration Term
    • Offered performance
  • Variable income: Destined to riskier profiles. Profitability of the invested capital is not guaranteed.
  • Mixed Funds: Combination of fixed and variable income funds. Add extra stability to verifiable funds, getting extra performance. Normally these include 30% in fixed funds and 70% in variables.

Andorra, a place for financial investments

Financial investments are rights acquired by a company. These rights are part of the assets that comprise it. Then, later, it is those assets that give you the ability to obtain liquidity.

Why choose Andorra to invest?

Andorra has many advantages for those who decide to invest. Of course, when it comes to investment funds, it’s the same. Andorra is a place of opportunities and a place open to investors.

Andorra has financial, fiscal and economic advantages; and this makes it a favorite of investors. The quality of life makes Andorra the destination that is most taken into account to invest. Andorra, or the country of the Pyrenees, offers a wide variety of conditions to investors who cannot resist. Thanks to Law 20/2012, for foreign investment, which allows any person not residing in Andorra to make investments in the principality.

Another aspect that makes Andorra the ideal place to invest is its low rates, compared to other European countries. These have the maximum marked at 10%, provided that a series of requirements are met.

The constant evolution of Andorra attracts many investors every year and that amount continues to increase. This and much more, makes that small place between Spain and France, an attractive space to invest capital.


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