Living in Andorra with children


Living in Andorra with children

Andorra is a country that offers various advantages to its citizens, new residents and families. It is a place where it is possible to safely establish a home or business. Provides the best housing options, whether you want to buy your own home or rent one. As well as giving the necessary tools so that the children of each family can acquire an excellent education. Which allows to train future professionals through the teaching of different values, sports activities and advanced learning.

Advantages of moving to Andorra

In addition to these benefits, Andorra is a country with tax advantages, which provides great opportunities for growth. It also stands out for its excellent health system, as well as a recognized multilingual educational system. For those parents who are in search of a complete and free educational system for their children. In Andorra’s schools, you can choose between the Spanish, Andorran or French system.

On the other hand, it provides a safe quality of life, allowing families and their children to live in good health. Therefore, it fully covers the basic needs of its citizens and their expectations. This thanks to its health system (the CASS) which is known as one of the best in the world.

Its most relevant advantages are the quality of life and public safety, since Andorra favors its inhabitants. Thanks to its enclave in the middle of nature and its health system, Andorra has a life expectancy of up to 84.5 years. In addition, it has high levels of citizen security and is considered one of the safest in the world.

Therefore, Andorra qualifies as an ideal country to establish a home and live with children. Which will be able to enjoy the different benefits that the Principality provides.

Education system

The best thing about living in Andorra with children is that they can have an excellent quality education. They will have the possibility of learning up to four languages, they will be integrated into a country whose values ​​and culture are always present. They will know in depth the history of Andorra and its official language (Catalan).

In turn, they will have at their disposal the schools that are in the Principality, where a complete education is offered. This covers the years of study from preschool to high school. It is divided into three schools: Andorran, French schools and Spanish schools. Being of great benefit for good professional growth and educational development.

On the other hand, by studying in Andorra they will be able to receive the best preparation to enter a university. As well as they will also have the opportunity to develop as the best athletes in games such as soccer, basketball or tennis. In this way, families will have the opportunity to decide the best educational system for their children.

Residence permit options

For those who need to obtain legal accommodation in Andorra, there are some benefits. Among them are active and passive residences. The first step to request any of the residences is to know the requirements that are indicated.

In this way, active residences can be divided into those that are self-employed, employed and temporary. While passive residences include different situations for each type of person. Specifically for those without lucrative activity and professionals or entrepreneurs with international projection. As well as people whose profession has a cultural, scientific or sports interest.

Therefore, before going to live in Andorra with the family and children, it is necessary to obtain these permits.


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