New law proposes a new contribution system for the self-employed


autónomos no cotizarán con el sistema salarial actual

The Self-Employment Bill opens a new panorama for the self-employed in Andorra. As the self-employed find an opportunity to catch up in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what this new law imposed in Andorra consists of.

Therefore, we will explain in detail what this new proposal consists of and how it can benefit you. We will also show you the main objectives that the government seeks to achieve with this economic boost. In addition, you will know the principle that promotes this project focused on the economic figure of self-employed workers.

New form of tax payment for self-employed workers

The Self-Employed Law Project proposes a new panorama for the self-employed workers in Andorra. For, they will not contribute according to the system of salary grids with fixed salary bands. Instead, deductions will be made according to the profits of each self-employed person.

In addition, they propose the possibility of establishing a quarterly adjustment of the amount obtained. This avoids the precariousness of the sector and allows a qualitative leap in a more stable economic figure. So that entrepreneurs can boost their activities, with improved development conditions.

As for the content of the project, it is in the process of amendments. It aims to adapt the contributions to the individualized reality of each self-employed person, instead of focusing on the turnover. This law applies to individuals who carry out economic activities on their own account and outside the direction of someone else.

Likewise, the registration of workers will not be mandatory, although it will have a tax incentive. In addition, these records are not intended to be a control tool. Rather, they can become an instrument that allows new economic policies to be expanded with greater effectiveness.

The structure of this bill consists of six titles, a single derogatory provision and three final provisions. The headings of which are shown below:

  1. Regime of the economically dependent self-employed worker.
  2. Measures for the promotion and protection of self-employed persons.
  3. Measures to favor the conciliation between the family and professional life of the persons who exercise a self-employed activity.
  4. Measures to improve the contribution of persons engaged in self-employment.
  5. Department of self-employment.
  6. Registration of self-employed workers.

Objective of the new law

The proposal is born with the objective of putting the self-employed and the salaried worker on an equal footing in tax and social security matters. Therefore, the importance of the creation of a department focused on this economic figure is recognized. According to the Minister of Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, Jordi Gallardo, the objectives of the project are:

  • To ensure the business transition of the business units of the self-employed and thus establish security and stability.
  • To equalize the conditions of self-employed workers with respect to salaried workers.
  • To promote the self-employed activity of Andorran citizens as a resource for economic productivity.
  • To improve the conditions for the development of the professional activity of the self-employed, from the beginning to the end of its execution.

In this sense, the principle promoted by this bill is based on improving the working conditions of the group. Therefore, it seeks to achieve a greater cohesion of the labor market, by putting self-employed workers on an equal footing with salaried workers. In such a way as to consolidate the protective action in various areas such as:

  • The reconciliation of work and family life.
  • The improvement of contribution conditions.
  • Dependence on a single client or tax measures.

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