Digital nomads in Andorra


digital nomads in Andorra

Being digital nomads in Andorra is a new opportunity that you cannot miss. So learn all about this modality and lifestyle. Thanks to technological advances, the virtual takes on greater weight in face-to-face activities. In addition, we should add the fact of the pandemic that hit the planet in 2020. A time that generated even more change for all humanity. Since then, the digitization of many processes has been inevitable. Affecting the work activities themselves.

It is known that teleworking is not something that arrived in 2020. Although we can affirm that it became a little more widespread. But this does not mean that this working model had not existed far from the office before. Many companies have seen great benefit in this way of conducting work life.

However, a new, similar but even more interesting modality has emerged. This is about the digital nomads or digital nomads. People whose workplace is anywhere in the world. As long as they have their laptop, cell phone and Internet connection, they can carry out their work tasks. A teleworking trend that is becoming more and more interesting for many.

What is a digital nomad?

Now, it is important that you know in detail what characterizes a digital nomad. In the first place, it is about those people who carry out their profession or trade through the web. Working remotely, not from an office. This allows them to become nomads. That is, they can lead their lives traveling the world. Since they are not tied to any physical place to work.

Actually, this work modality is defined in three key points. The first is about a lifestyle that manages to combine your work with the passion of knowing the world. To do this, and coupled with the second point, the job you choose must be flexible. Either as an entrepreneur of your own business or as a freelancer. Finally, you must be free to move from one point to another, without restrictions.

However, it is important to note that a digital nomad is not an ordinary traveler. Since it is not a simple tourist. Rather, he takes his work with him, so he must always fulfill his tasks. But you can visit and enjoy the surroundings of the place where you are. Since you will have a working day with a more open and flexible schedule.

Likewise, to be a digital nomad you must have certain basic tools. Among them, a laptop, laptop or tablet; as well as a smartphone. Besides a stable internet connection, of course.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a digital nomad

Like all aspects of life, digital nomadism can bring many advantages. Some of which we have already mentioned among its characteristics. From the freedom to travel across the globe, to flexible working hours. A number of positive attributes that can make anyone become a nomad.

However, you should also consider the other side of the coin. And there are also some not so positive aspects that you should take into account. Among them, we will highlight the following:

  • A digital nomad is not subject to a specific jurisdiction. This leads to the lack of certain guarantees as a natural person. That is, you will not be able to opt for health insurance, unemployment or a pension.
  • By not having such insurance, the person must be careful with their savings. Since these will be the backup for a secure future.
  • Digital nomads have constant spending on transportation and accommodation in different cities or countries. Which leads to creating a budget to stick to to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • You must take into account multiple factors of the countries where you arrive. From the visa and legislation, to the climate and the language used. Aspects that could affect the work and income of a digital nomad.
  • It can be very lonely. Those who lead the lives of digital nomads tend to move a lot. Which leads to maintaining little contact with people around them, or even between friends and family.

Finally, it must be taken into account that using this form of work is a complete personal challenge. So it is important to study carefully if it is an adventure that you want to undertake.

The evolution of digital nomads in the 21st century

Digital nomadism at the turn of the century was not very popular with entrepreneurs. The paradigm shift was not very comfortable for many back then. But after so many technological advances, it was inevitable that this work model would become widespread. Above all, after months of confinement due to Covid-19. When teleworking became the rule, not the exception. Of course, this style of work has come a long way since then. Since there are now many more tools that facilitate the tasks of the workday. As well as others that help lead this nomadic lifestyle.

For example, very useful applications have been developed. Which help these digital nomads to get accommodation. Some of these are TheNomadaApp or AirBnB. With which you can find and reserve offices or coworking spaces. This regardless of the country where you are. These apps are capable of filtering information. So you can find spaces that suit your work needs.

On the other hand, there are even many hotels that have unique rooms for teleworking. Which offer hosting subscriptions; special stay packages for digital nomads. With these, the step of finding a space to live becomes much easier.

Likewise, an interesting point that is being worked on in Andorra and part of Europe is on special visas. As is known, many are the countries that offer different types of permits to enter or reside in the country . However, the digital nomad falls into a legal vacuum. Since you cannot work on a tourist visa, but you cannot opt ​​for a work visa. Therefore, below, we will explain more about the current situation of these individuals.

What is the current situation of digital nomads in Andorra?

If you are very adept at this topic, it is likely that you already know the last update they made in Estonia. Where the first legal model that seeks to attract nomads and digital entrepreneurs throughout the European continent has been created. Following the example, Andorra also seeks to create a similar legal framework that protects this type of worker. Empowering the digital economy to a new level.

That is why, at the end of 2019, the government of the Principality began to consider providing electronic residency in Andorra. A way that would allow creating digital companies, without physical space. An action that seeks to draw the attention of more digital nomads to this country. However, conversations on the subject cooled in 2020 due to the health emergency.

Despite this, it has recently been declared that a Law on Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been given the green light . In which new residence modalities for foreigners were established. Specifically for those who promote the growth of the digital economy. Among which, of course, are the digital nomads. In addition to this, new legal measures would also be developed to determine the regiment of coworking and coliving spaces.

It should be noted that Andorra had already been working on many aspects that would benefit digital nomads. Since it offers an optimal environment for anyone who works remotely. From one of the best and most stable Internet connection, to multiple accommodation spaces. As well as it has a great tourist attraction. Another point of great importance within digital nomadism.

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