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residence in Andorra for professionals with international projection

The number of youtubers in Andorra has increased a lot in recent years. Since there are many professionals who have their residence in this country due to the benefits it offers. Andorra is a principality with many advantages. Above all, for those with a profession of international projection.

Some of them are influencers, lawyers or influencers. All these professionals who can carry out their economic activity at a distance. In this case, they do their job having their residence in Andorra.

This is something that gives them a lot of advantage over others. Because they can be located anywhere in the world and work from there. The only indispensable requirement for them would be a stable Internet connection. Keep reading and learn more about these and the benefits they obtain by residing in the European Principality.

What is a youtuber or influencer?

The first thing you should know is what a youtuber is, or at least what he does. They are mostly producers, creators and managers of audiovisual content. Since the platform on which they are presented is YouTube; being from this that the term came out.

They are known for uploading content, generating a large number of visits. This itself creates more interaction on YouTube. Which basically translates into an image that reaches millions of users. Generating more visits to this site. All this visibility is what generates their income from YouTube. That uses that factor to place advertising on their videos.

These content creators have been growing thanks to the support of their followers. Which are made visible through comments left on the videos of each youtuber.

Each of these is characterized by uploading a type of content. Among them, those who stream popular video games at the moment stand out. Others prefer to give their opinion on critical issues or even to impart knowledge or skill. The amount of content can be infinite.

They are also considered influencers, this term is given by the influence they can have on users. Taking them to participate in viral challenges or activities. This way you can create a great connection between youtubers and your audience.

What are Spanish youtubers looking for when changing their tax residence to Andorra?

The visibility that Spanish youtubers have helps them achieve very high annual payments. These can easily range from € 60,000 and higher. Placing them in the highest ranking of taxes in Spain. Generating a tax liability of almost half of your income.

This has created a lot of discontent among content creators. Causing the search for alternatives in other countries where they can reduce this amount. Finding in Andorra the perfect place for it; mainly because of its low taxes. Second, the proximity to their country of origin is taken into account.

In addition, one of the points in favor that they find in Andorra is the language. Because Catalan is officially spoken in the Principality, but also Spanish and French.

Another reason is the fiber optic infrastructure that exists in the Principality. This gives all residents a stable Internet connection with speeds of 700 Mbps. This is essential for these content creators. Given the way they transmit all the content created. If we add to the above a lower occurrence of crimes than in Spain, we have a unique opportunity. Which they take advantage of knowing that they will be able to access many luxuries more easily.

Requirements to work as an influencer or youtuber from Andorra

It is not a secret that Andorra is one of the most sought after places by youtubers, athletes and influencers. In order to establish your residence and work from there. Its tax advantages and its natural environment make Andorra the perfect country for it.

Of course, professionals like youtubers or influencers want to enjoy this great advantage. But how can they do it? Very simple, thanks to one of the types of residences that the principality offers. This is a passive residence for professionals with international projection:

  • This professional is someone who does not have Andorran nationality, but who does have their main residence in the country, which must be at least 90 days, for one year.
  • You must exercise your activity from the country, as an individual or with someone else. The latter only allows her to be hired. In other words, the service can be provided by the primary professional only, or with another individual.
  • The services provided, or the activity carried out by the professional, should not be directed only at Andorra. 85% of these must be for non-residents. That is why they are called professionals of international projection. This means that only 15% of your business can be focused on the Andorran territory.
  • Residence has a time limit, for this reason, the professional must demonstrate economic capacity to be able to live in the principality. This means that you must have sufficient financial means for your stay.
  • The professional must have a rental in Andorra. For this, you can count on the document that proves it or the purchase of a property.
  • Deposit 50 thousand euros of guarantee in the AFA, the Andorran Financial Authority.
  • If you have another individual in your charge, you must pay 10,000 extras./li>

Advantages of having residence in Andorra

The advantages of the principality do not go unnoticed by many professionals. This has undoubtedly favored migration and their choosing to reside in the country.

The country has many advantages:

  • Privileged enclave.
  • It is very well located. Very close to Spain and France.
  • Provides excellent quality of life.
  • Its climate is Mediterranean.
  • Its crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.

It is for this and more than many famous youtubers or athletes, opt for this. However, having a professional residency with international projection is not easy. Similarly, the requirements can seem overwhelming. But in the end the result can be very worth it.

Other benefits of being a tax resident in Andorra

In addition to the advantages that can be had by living in the territory, there are those of a fiscal nature. This is one of the great attractions for youtubers who want to reduce their taxes. Because they will have greater control of their income and they will be able to use it as they see fit. These are some of the privileges:

  • The main advantage is an income tax with a maximum of 10% on income over € 24,000.
  • In the Principality a VAT of only 4.5% is handled on purchases made in the territory.If you plan to create a company in the territory, you pay up to a maximum 10% tax.

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