Andorra, the ideal country of residence for youtubers and influencers


residence in Andorra for professionals with international projection

In the world there are many professionals who have their residence in Andorra, due to its multiple benefits. Andorra is a principality with a multitude of advantages, especially for those who have a profession with international projection.

Some of these professionals are influencers, lawyers or youtubers. All these professionals who can carry out their economic activity remotely. In this case, they do their job having their residence in Andorra.

Requirements to work as an influencer or youtuber from Andorra

It is not a secret that Andorra is one of the most sought after places, by youtubers, professional athletes and influencers, to establish your residence and work from there. Its tax advantages and its natural setting make Andorra the perfect country.

Of course, professionals like youtubers, influencers or athletes also want to enjoy that great and relevant advantage. But how can they do it? Very simple, thanks to one of the types of residences that the principality offers. This is a passive residence for professionals with international projection, as we already mentioned.

  • This professional is one who does not have his Andorran nationality, but who does have his main residence in the country. This residence must be 90 days minimum, for a whole year.
  • You must carry out your activity from the country, as an individual or with someone else. The latter only allows it to be a hired person. In other words, the service can be provided by the main professional alone, or with another person.
  • The services provided or the activity carried out by the professional should not be directed only to Andorra. 85% of these services must be for other people who are not residents of Andorra. For this reason they are called professionals of international projection. This means that only 15% of your business can be focused on the Andorran territory.
  • The residence has a type of duration, for this reason, the professional must demonstrate economic capacity to be able to live in the principality. This means that you must have sufficient financial means for the duration of your stay.
  • The professional must have a rental in Andorra. For this, you must have the document that proves it or, failing that, the purchase document of a property.
  • Deposit 50 thousand euros in the AFA, the Andorran Financial Authority. When the person decides to no longer reside in the country, said amount of money is returned in full.
  • If you have another person in your charge, you must pay those 50 thousand; and 10 thousand more for the extra person.

Advantages of having residence in Andorra

The principal’s tax advantages do not go unnoticed by many professionals. This has undoubtedly favored migration and many choose to reside in the country.

The country has many advantages:

  • Privileged location.
  • It is very well located. Very close to Spain and France.
  • Provides excellent quality of life.
  • Its climate is Mediterranean.
  • Its crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.

It is for this and more than many famous youtubers, influencers, bloggers and even athletes, they choose this residence. Having a professional residence with international projection is not easy. Similarly, the requirements may seem a bit overwhelming, but in the end the result may be well worth it.

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