Active shareholders in Andorra must provide a deposit of € 15,000


andorra deposito accionistas

In Andorra, a proposal has been launched, the final vote of which allowed establishing the necessary modifications so that the active shareholders should deposit € 15,000. This change will affect the future active residents, who request a residence through the creation of a company in the country. Whether the citizen works actively, or is part of the board of directors.

In any case, people who apply for this residence must participate with more than 20% in the company. On the other hand, they must deposit a deposit or guarantee of € 15,000 to the financial authority of the INAF. And, finally, the person must be at least 183 days a year in the country.

The Government of Andorra has set a bail to restrict the self-employed

Apparently, the Government of Andorra has been put to work so that the influx of self-employed begin to fall. This is because it has allowed the country to have potential debts. It is known that previously no type of guarantee or guarantee was required to be able to be a resident in Andorra. However, the deposit that must be made is similar to that made by passive residents (of € 50,000 in this case).

With the help of the bond or the interposed guarantee, the debts with the government and social security will be liquidated. Although it can be reimbursed, in case the interested person renounces the residence. However, that person must settle their outstanding debts. However, with the announced measures, the “autonomous” active resident shareholders seem not to be affected.

Many rumors and anxieties have arisen in society. Some wonder if these measures can filter the best profiles among the self-employed. Or on the contrary, it can be a negative aspect, whose impact can affect young talents and entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient liquidity. The latter is important, since you must have at least € 6,000 to be able to pay the installation in a legal entity, between tax advisors, municipalities and governments, lawyers and notaries.

On the other hand, the bail recently introduced of € 15,000 can directly affect the pocket of young talents and entrepreneurs, even before they want to activate their business in the country. However, one can think that the Andorran Government is eager to attract new talents of “better quality”.


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