A tour of the towns, cities and parishes of Andorra


Towns and cities of Andorra

When it comes to visiting Andorra and doing tourism in the country, there are many options of places to visit. Being an ideal place to make a trip as a couple, as a family or spend a weekend with friends. As well as to enjoy various walks and sports both in its winter and summer seasons. So Andorra is a country considered the best tourist destination, whose advantages are also innumerable.

Within its territory the most charming cities, parishes and towns are located; surrounded by incredible natural landscapes. Each of these places stand out for their beauty, their history and origin, for their impressive views and their citizens. Likewise, Andorran culture is present in its streets and buildings, mainly in the territory of the Principality. Which has an area of ​​468km2 divided into seven (7) parishes, where approximately 85,000 people live.

On the other hand, apart from being an ideal country for tourism, sports and touring its beautiful mountain landscapes. Andorra is also an excellent place to live (buy or rent), study different languages ​​and enjoy its tax advantages. In addition to the advantages of settling in the Principality both for a family group and for companies or entrepreneurs.

That is why we invite you to learn more about Andorra through its seven parishes and its towns. Among which are: Andorra la Vieja, Canillo, Encamp, Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana, Ordino and Sant Julia de Loria. Each of these parishes has particular characteristics, which allow one to experience the country’s history and its customs to the full.

Discover the 7 parishes of the Principality in Andorra

Despite having a small territory, Andorra has great opportunities for foreigners, tourists and inhabitants. We will tell you the most important things about their parishes.

    1. Andorra la Vella:

It is located in the south (southwest) of Andorra, has 22,250 inhabitants and is known for being the capital. Therefore, it is the main city of the country located in the Principality and stands out for its altitude (1,013m).

    2. Canillo:

This parish is inhabited by the “Canillencs”, its altitude is 1,530 meters and it has numerous villages. Among them are: Soldeu, Incles, El Tarter, Ransol, Meritxell, L’Aldosa, Prats, Els Plans and El Forn. As well as incredible attractions such as the Ice Palace and the Vall d’Incles.

    3. Encamp:

The main attraction of this parish are its mountain landscapes where there are also various towns. Which are known as Le Tremat, La Mosquera, Les Bons, Vila and Grau Roig. It has 14,000 inhabitants, who are called “Encampadans”.

    4. Escaldes-Engordany:

Upon reaching this parish, tourists can visit the towns of Vilars d’Engordany, Engolasters, and El Fener. In the same way, they will be able to visit historical places such as the churches of Sant Roma dels Vilars and Sant Miquel de Engolasters.

    5. La Massana:

In the La Massana parish there are approximately 10,000 citizens “Massanencs”, and various towns are located. These being Pal, Arinsal, Erts, Sispony, Anyos, L’Aldosa, Escas, Xixerella, El Pui and Puiol del Piu or Mas de Ribafeta. This parish is known for being one of the main cities located in the Principality.

    6. Ordino:

It is considered one of the most important and is located to the northwest, where 4,000 “Ordinencs” live. Among its towns are: Segudet, Sornas, Asalonga, La Cortinada, Arans, Llorts, Les Salines and El Serrat. The main attractions of this parish are the Miniature Museum and the Sorteny Natural Park.

    7. Sant Julia de Loria:

The 10,000 “Lauredians” that inhabit this parish are divided into six wonderful villages. Which are: Auvigny, Bissisarri, Certes, Fontaneda, Juberri and Nagol. In Sant Julia de Loria, visitors will be able to visit amazing places such as the Canolich Sanctuary.

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