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trading in andorra

Andorra is known for its tax attractions, with exemptions depending on the source. TO Next, we will offer you information about one of the most interesting: trading. Living from trading in Andorra can offer you one of the best tax conditions in the world.

In the following sections you will be able to observe everything that trading involves from the basics. At the same time, you will find the benefits that the Principality of Andorra offers its residents. These include exemptions for the sale of shares. Even capital gain through dividends has low retention percentages.

You should know that this is an activity that can carry risks. But it represents a new lifestyle with a lot of growth. Thousands of people study the financial markets looking for opportunities.

Also, in this world of trading there are different ways to carry out operations. In addition, the benefit will depend on the type of instrument that is being used. In the case of traders, you can find several of these. Which we will explain later in detail.

Read on to learn the fundamentals of trading in Andorra. As well as the most common tools among traders. Learn about each type, its functionality, risks and strategies here.

Learn what trading is and how it works

Trading is asset purchase and sale operations within a regulated market. It has the fundamental objective of obtaining an economic benefit with each movement.

Assets commonly used in trading are currencies, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. There are others such as oil, but the above are the most frequent. The idea behind these operations is to buy at a low price and sell at a higher value.

In a simple way, it can be understood as a speculative market. In which assets are exchanged with the intention of making a profit. The formula of selling at a high price and buying the same instrument when its value falls also applies.

Types of trading

If you want to start in the world of trading, you must know the existing operations. These strategies work very well in combination with market analysis. Depending on your goals and way of interacting, one may serve you more than the other:

  • Day trading: those who use this mode open and close operations on the same day. They are short term, but with time to perform an analysis during the date.
  • Scalping: these are operations with very short periods of time. Usually a few minutes, even seconds.
  • Swing trading: this technique is one of the few that goes for a longer term. In this case the operations can last days and the charts are used to discover trends. The idea is to use them to your advantage and take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Directional trading: they are based on knowing the behavior of trends. So you can take advantage and create a strategy that helps you generate profits. The operations can last longer than the others, lasting years.
  • Social trading: this form has been used by expert traders. They usually connect with a community through social networks and share strategies.

Know the differences between traders, brokers and investors

Sure while you were researching you found some terms that may be similar. They refer to three types of individuals in the world of trading. These are the trader, the broker and the investor. Each of them seeks to study and analyze the market. Despite having a similar objective, they have marked differences.

First the trader, which has the objective of generating short-term profits. For this they must make purchases and sales quickly. Selling at high prices and buying at low is one of its premises. The time that their operations last ranges from seconds to perhaps a few weeks. These operate with their own funds or capital.

Then you find the brokers, who are in charge of operating in a similar way to the trader. Only one of their differences is that they operate with third-party funds. They usually give traders access to exchange platforms. When using the money of other individuals they must have permission to work. Your earnings are based on commissions from your clients’ movements.

Lastly, there are the investors. These are considered the quietest on the market, due to their long-term way of operating. In which they use their funds to build a portfolio of shares and obtain dividends.

Useful tools for a trader

To start being a trader, there are few tools you will need. The main thing is a device with which to enter the market and carry out your operations. This can be a computer or even a mobile with an Internet connection.

Then it is necessary to find a broker, which will provide you with an account and the platform that you will use. In it you can make all the movements you want and you will have the market statistics. So your analysis will be based on the ups and downs in real time.

One of the fundamental tools is the capital with which it will operate in the market. The money that you are going to use should not need it at that moment, nor depend on it. That will help you make better decisions in your movements because it reduces the pressure.

In addition to that, it is useful that before starting trading you inform yourself very well. These types of jobs do not require a degree, but it is ideal to be prepared. To achieve this you can take some basic or specialized courses. Today there are many of these available on the Internet. Also experts who have put their knowledge into programs that guide you through every step. Try to practice using a demo account, where you will learn how the platforms work.

¿Qué beneficios ofrece Andorra a los traders?

After knowing everything that being a trader entails, it is time to know the benefits of being one in Andorra:

  • Exemptions from taxes on capital gains from the sale of shares. This case is true as long as you do not own more than 25% of the company in question. In addition, if the title has been held for 10 years or more, the tax is exempt.
  • Dividends accrued from Andorran companies are exempt from tax.
  • Dividends received from foreign companies will be taxed only 10%.
  • The Internet connection in the Principality is 100% fiber optic. In addition, the costs of the service are low, around € 30. Additionally, you can add that the electricity payment is minimal compared to other countries.

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