What should I do to bring my car to Andorra?


Import car to Andorra

Many people decide to change their lives or jobs, and the destination they choose is Andorra. They choose this place for their many opportunities; and because it makes things easier for the transfer of vehicles or cars.

From almost any destination you can make the transfer, but meeting some requirements and with some necessary payments.

Requirements to bring a car to Andorra

It is important that the owner of the vehicle meets a series of requirements for the respective transfer of his car to Andorra.

  1. First, the driver of the car must have a residence permit, that is, he must be legally in Andorra. However, if the driver or car owner does not have legal residence, he can also register the vehicle. This may be done with the use of a temporary plate. This plate must be renewed every year.
  2. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the person who wants to complete the procedure. That is, the driver of the car. However, it is important that this requirement is valid for more than six months. This means that the car must be in the name of the driver, at least that time.
  3. Following the expiration of those 6 months, and also 6 months after the residence permit, you can proceed to import.

What requirements must the car meet for its transfer to Andorra?

  • The car must have the steering wheel on the left side. If you have it on the right side you cannot take Andorra.
  • Comply with everything required by European regulations.
  • If the vehicle is many years old, exactly more than 25, its importation will take place as if it were a classic car.

Euro 5 Standard: Important for the transfer of a car to Andorra

Since 2009 the standard called “Euro 5 Standard” is met, this standard indicates, in a few words, what are the maximum limits for the release of pollutants from vehicles.

This standard focuses more than anything on those cars that are equipped with diesel engines; in order to be manufactured or sold so that they do not contaminate the environment with certain contaminating particles.

The idea is to reduce the environmental impact that the automobile industry has had for many years. In this sense, vehicles that do not comply with this standard cannot be imported to Andorra.

Costs of moving a car to Andorra

Taking a car to Andorra is easy, but it also has its costs that must be taken into account before starting the paperwork.

  • Import rate (IGI) 4.5% (This percentage is taken according to the value of the car in the market).
  • The registration has a value of: € 200.
  • When the car plates are from Automobile Club, the value is € 60.

Note: If the car is not manufactured in Europe or purchased there, the extra payment of a 10% tax is required. On the other hand, once the car arrives in Andorra, it is very important that the driver insure it. Of course, insuring a car implies an extra expens.


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