How to obtain the Andorrana nationality?


Andorran nationality

Many of the new residents frequently ask “When can I acquire Andorran nationality?” Senior Consultant in the Immigration Department Olga Donskikh answers this question.

Mainly, it must be said that obtaining nationality, in any case, is a great process that involves the renunciation of the current nationality or nationalities of the person requesting it. In addition, in the case of adults, an evaluation of the Catalan language is strictly necessary, adding to this the history and geography of Andorra.

Once the relevant requirements have been met, a nationality application must be submitted and a provisional passport will be granted (not nationality). From this moment on, the person requesting it will have 5 years to pass the evaluation and present the relevant documents to formalize the waiver of their current nationality in order to acquire Andorran nationality and the final passport.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that it is essential to be a legal and effective resident in Andorra at the time of submitting the application in order to apply for nationality.

The following is a complete and detailed summary of those persons entitled to Andorran nationality according to the Qualified Law of Nationality of October 5, 1995 with its successive reforms.

Acquired Andorrana nationality if you are an adult

Foreign person with residence in Andorra, who has an Andorran mother or father also born abroad (Art. 9.1)

Foreign person with 15 years of residence in Andorra and having an Andorran grandfather or grandmother (Art. 9.2)

Foreign person with 3 years of residence in Andorra and marrying an Andorran person (Art. 10)

Foreign person with 20 years of residence in Andorra.

Foreign person with 10 years of residence in Andorra and who has studied from 6 to 16 years in Andorra (Art. 11.2)

Andorran nationality of origin if you are a minor

Child born in Andorra of an Andorran father / mother (Art. 1)

Child born abroad of an Andorran father / mother born in Andorra (Art. 2)

Child under 14 years adopted by an Andorran person or by a foreign person resident in Andorra of 10 years minimum (Art. 2 and 8.1, 8.2)

Child born in Andorra with a father / mother born in Andorra, resident and without Andorran nationality (Art. 3)

Child born in Andorra to foreign parents and residents in Andorra. At least one of the parents must be a resident for at least 10 years (Art. 6)

Child who was born abroad accidentally, if this fact is proven in compliance with the requirements described. The request must be submitted during the first year of the baby (Art. 35)


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