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Andorra, like almost all European countries, has mandatory public medical care and has the option of private care. This health system is financed by the social security system of Andorra. In 2017, the index of quality and access to medical care was published in The Lancet and Andorra ranked as the number 1 in the world, obtaining a 95/100 score. In 2010, the Commonwealth published a report that placed Andorra in 4th place worldwide in terms of the efficiency of medical care. This assistance is funded by citizens and residents.

In 2001, the WHO (World Health Organization) reported that life expectancy in Andorra is 76.2 years for men and 82.9 years for women, considering this as one of the highest rates. Later, in 2009, CNN expressed that this was due to the efficiency of medical care, in addition to the balanced diet, clean water, life without stress and much exercise.

How to acquire health coverage in the Principality?

If you talk about a resident, you can get health coverage by joining the Andorran Social Security System. 92% of citizens have access to the health system. Those who do not have access to social security are probably passive residents, but they are required to be covered by private insurance.

To be covered by social security being employed must be through an Andorran or foreign company. Unemployed people could opt for CASS, contributing 200 to 400 euros per month. Social security in Andorra does not cover independently, as it takes into account accidents in countries such as Spain, Portugal or France.

How much is spent on health services in Andorra?

It does not cover all medical care, but part of it. If CASS is contributed, 75% is paid for outpatient medical expenses and 90% for hospital expenses. If the injuries are related to childbirth or work 100% is covered

New employees in Andorra are required to be registered by the CASS. Workers pay from 6% to 9% of their salary and the employer pays 15.5% to social security.

If these people are treated by doctors, they are provided with a receipt and sealed form. To recover the cats you must go to the local CASS office with the relevant documents and the refund is by bank transfer.

Clinics, health care and care centers for the elderly

Taking the size of Andorra as a reference, the country’s health network is large. It is the main hospital of the being that has 200 beds. Then, along the principality there are 10 health centers that have efficient care and are open during the week. These provide first aid, child and prenatal care, family planning and counseling. Urgent care can be accessed by going to the hospital or receiving a home visit without an appointment. Seniors can be cared for in a private 50-bed geriatric center.

Andorra has one of the largest proportions in the world per capita of pharmacies. In the principality there are more than 50 pharmacies that provide medicines to citizens.

Is having private life insurance in Andorra recommended?

The smartest thing is to look for a good life insurance, which grants access to private clinics and with the attention of professionals. According to unofficial figures, it is estimated that around 25% of the population of the Principality has private health insurance. Doctors who work in private clinics are legally authorized to perform surgical operations and provide diagnoses.

Andorra’s health responsibility for visitors

When traveling to Andorra as a foreign citizen, and tourist is responsible for paying everything related to health and medicines. Private life insurance coverage is recommended when visiting the Principality. European tourists should keep in mind that the TSE (European Health Card) is not admitted in Andorra.

What is the biggest cause of Andorra’s accidents and when do they occur?

Most of the accidents that occur in the Principality occur during the high season of winter sports. Authorities recommend visitors to be alert with local alerts for weather reports and adverse avalanches. Regularly the avalanches are generated during the middle of the winter. Landslides occur after a long period of rainfall. Adding to this, crime-related injuries are almost nil.

Main causes of mortality in the Principality of Andorra

For those born in Andorra, it is reported that cardiovascular, respiratory diseases and tumors cause the greatest number of deaths. On the other hand, mortality in infants is very low. In 2018, CIA World Factbook reported 3.6 deaths in every 1,000 live births.


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